Green Lime Jelly Beans in Bulk - 2lb

Green Lime Jelly Beans in Bulk - 2lb
  • $13.99

Savor the deliciously tart flavor of these Green Apple Jelly Beans. Their intense taste makes you feel like you are biting into the real thing, and their bold green color makes for a stunning display when you showcase these jelly beans for holidays like Easter, Saint Patrick's Day, or Christmas.Line an Easter basket with these delectable treats to make it look like a thick green layer of grass, or place bowls of these decorative green jelly beans on your coffee table or end table as a fun snack for friends and family to dip into. These Green Apple jelly beans are also a great way to celebrate occasions that are color-themed and call for bright green as a primary decorative color, such as sporting events or school activities featuring green in the theme. They even make a wonderful favor or table snack at spring weddings and bridal or baby showers.

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