Jelly Belly Dutch Mints - Wrapped 5lb

Jelly Belly Dutch Mints - Wrapped 5lb
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When you hear the words Jelly Belly, chewy jelly beans probably come to mind. Well, not that we're trying to confuse your taste buds, but you may instantly think of these amazingly minty treats in the future instead.If you have never tasted Jelly Belly Dutch Mints, prepare to meet your new addiction. A candy shell coats a delicious chocolate ball, and when you bite into the center the amazing taste of creamy peppermint takes over your mouth. These Jelly Belly Dutch Mints are pretty pastel colors in mint green, lavender, and white.This makes them the perfect treat for baby showers, weddings, and kids' parties. Since each one of these Jelly Belly Dutch Mints is individually wrapped they are also ideal for pi–atas, gift bags, and Easter baskets. They are certified kosher, too!

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

SKU: C105012

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