Light Blue Jordan Almonds - Candy Coated 5lb

Light Blue Jordan Almonds - Candy Coated 5lb
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These lovely Light Blue Jordan Almonds are a wonderful and delicious favor for a baby boy shower or an upcoming wedding event. Their inviting pastel blue candy coating covers the scrumptious milk chocolate almond center, making for a beautiful and tasty treat.You can fill little favor bags with these almonds and tie them with a pretty bow to present a lovely gift for your guests, or prep the festivities ahead of time and place a bowl of these at each table to give guests something to snack on the minute they arrive. The blue pastel color is also great when you need candy for a spring event such as an Easter egg hunt or party. Add these delectable light blue Jordan Almonds to Easter baskets or place a bowl on the snack table at your party and watch as they quickly disappear. Whatever the occasion, these Jordan Almonds will bring a smile to everyone's face.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping.

Jordan almonds in pastel blue color. These jordan almonds are beautiful as well as tasty. These jordan almonds are great for wedding favors.

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