Light Powder Blue M&M's - Milk Chocolate 10lb

Light Powder Blue M&M's - Milk Chocolate 10lb
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You'll love M&Ms even more when you see them in light blue candy shells! The concept behind the first M&Ms was inspired by the original Smarties. The Smarties of the times were chocolate pellets eaten by soldiers in the Spanish Civil War during the 1930s. A hard shell was added to prevent melting so they lasted longer. M&Ms went into production in the 1940s. Today we enjoy a number of M&M varieties, most featuring the same basic color scheme. Our light blue M&Ms offer a different look that's perfect for events and gatherings.Use them to decorate tables at baby showers by pouring into glass dishes. Add a handful to wedding favors to match the bride's chosen colors or theme. They even make tasty decorations for cakes, cookies and so much more! Our bulk M&Ms give you large quantities so you have plenty for any occasion, whether you're planning a birthday party, picnic or school activity.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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