Pink Jordan Almonds - 5lb

Pink Jordan Almonds - 5lb
  • $34.99

Looking at these beautiful, pastel pink candies, you might never guess that what awaits inside is delicious chocolate and a whole, amazing almond! These Pink Jordan Almonds sure are a lovely surprise and we're sure you'll love discovering all of their secrets as you chow down on handful after handful.If you're expecting a little girl or know someone who is, these beautiful pink chocolate covered almonds would be a great selection for a baby shower candy or to put in a congratulatory gift basket. They also look and taste great for Valentine's Day, can make a a loved one feel even more special, and can be used for weddings to add a girly touch to a formal affair. This five pound bulk bag of Pink Jordan Almonds will melt in your mouth and add a beautiful look to any occasion you can dream up!

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

SKU: C112178

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