Green Apple Hard Candy Drops - Sanded 10lb

  • $29.99

It does not matter if you are reading a book, walking your dog, or kayaking, everything just seems even more enjoyable when you have one of these Green Apple Hard Candy Drops in your mouth.They are bursting with a scrumptious green apple flavor, and the tartness is perfectly balanced by the coating of sugar. Since they are hard candies, you can count on the flavor lasting a long time. One candy might even get you through a traffic jam or an entire exam at school.If the sanded, sweet and tart goodness of these Green Apple Hard Candy Drops are not convincing enough, the color is. They are perfect for St. Patrick's Day, baby showers, and kids' parties. The color of these Green Apple Hard Candy Drops also creates a lovely display poured in candy dishes for centerpieces at a wedding or to place on a candy buffet.

SKU: C107311

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