Sixlets 8-Ball Tubes - 20lb

Sixlets 8-Ball Tubes - 20lb
  • $154.99

Looking into our magic 8 ball, we see deliciousness heading your way! That's because these Sixlets 8-Ball Tubes are here and ready for you to take them home to enjoy. With a crisp, hard candy shell and chocolate inside, these Sixlets are a delicious round chocolate treat that every candy lover can stand by.Since they're individually wrapped, these candies make a great choice for big group affairs you might be planning. Bring some home to put into a birthday piñata. Add some to a Halloween trick-or-treating bucket. Dish some out at a party for kids to munch on. Even stuff some into a candy gift basket or goodie bags for your friends to enjoy. With eight delicious chocolates in every pack, you'll have just the right amount to satisfy a chocolate and sweet craving. Get your bulk supply of 195 packages of these Sixlets today and start enjoying their chocolatey goodness!

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

SKU: ND-31008

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