Chocolate Sunflower Seeds Candy - Assorted 5lb

  • $52.99

Colorful confetti! These amazing, rainbow colored Chocolate Sunflower Seeds Candies will dazzle your eyes and taste buds with the beautiful and shiny candy shell coating and delicious milk chocolate covered sunflower seed.If you're a fan of seeds and nuts as well as delicious milk chocolate, then these candies will make you swoon! Bring some home today to tuck into lunch boxes, mix into trail mix, stuff into candy jars and dishes, and even to top baked goods with! With every little morsel, you'll discover a natural taste of nature and sweet milk chocolate you crave. This candy is a crowd pleaser that your whole family will love.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

SKU: ND-20532

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