Ultimate Maltballs Candy - 5lb

Ultimate Maltballs Candy - 5lb
  • $74.99

You probably are thinking that ordinary maltballs already make your taste buds happy. You might also be wondering what is so special about these ones to earn them the name of Ultimate Maltballs.Well, at first glance, they may look like what you are used to, but your mouth is definitely not prepared for the treat it is in for. Ultimate Maltballs are dipped in a layer of dark chocolate. Then, they get dipped in milk chocolate. If that's not enough, a layer of white chocolate comes next, and they are finished with a swirl of milk and white chocolate for a marbled effect.Each one is a masterpiece, and you will want to let them dissolve on your tongue, so you can totally enjoy every layer. Ultimate Maltballs are made by Koppers in New York City's Greenwich Village. Pour them in a candy dish, and they are perfect for literally any occasion, but keep some for your own secret stash to unwind with after a long day.

Avoid melting. Free ice packs with expedited shipping. More info

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