10 Sweet Birthday Ideas For Your Child

There is one time of year that every child awaits with immense anticipation: their birthday.

Every year they wait all year to chow down on delicious cake and tear open colorful presents. It is also a time to unleash your crafty skills as a parent and have fun; it's a time to show how much of a superhero you can be in your child's eyes.

This guide is meant to inspire parents of boys or girls, ages 1 to 10 years old.

Rainbow colored cupcakes decorated to look like a catepillar

Caterpillar Cupcakes from Fun Stuff Cupcakes

Here are ten tasty birthday ideas that will put a smile your child's face.

1st Birthday:

At 1 years old, a "smash" cake just for them is very appropriate, I think most of us had this on our 1st birthday. But, you can make a cake for the older kids and adults. One idea to still add a lot of color and flavor is to do a rainbow cake with red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple layers - which you can do right at home, and topping it with miniature colors of jelly beans.


2nd Birthday:

Perhaps another smash cake is in order, but if you want a sweet idea that everyone will love, you can make cupcakes of various flavors like chocolate, vanilla, or a combination of chocolate and vanilla, with white icing and chocolate lady bugs (foiled) candy on the cupcakes.


3rd Birthday: Caterpillar Cupcake Cake's:

All you do is make 12-15 cupcakes, with white icing and you literally lay them down and stack them against each other in a squiggly formation. The face can be m&ms or jelly beans. The tentacles of the caterpillar are two mini dum dum pops. The legs (on each cupcake) are cut gummy worms.


4th Birthday:

More custom cupcakes! Make a table with cupcakes, different flavors of icing, and an assortment of candies including sprinkles, m&ms, jelly beans, Jordan almonds, different gummy candy like sharks, worms or bears, cinnamon imperials and anything else you can think of.


5th Birthday:

Cookies and Cake Pops are always popular for any birthday. For the cookies, make various sizes and shapes of sugar cookies and add on different sprinkles of smashed up hard candies like Smarties or Brachs hard candy.


6th Birthday: One word: Sixlets!

Just like how sprinkles became so popular, unwrapped Sixlets are becoming more and more popular, too. The cool thing about Sixlets is that they can come unwrapped and in every color under the sun! Choose 2-3 colors that your son or daughter really loves, make a high layered cake, ice the outside of the cake, and place those 2-3 colors in a decorative pattern on the cake's icing. Who would have guessed ROYGBIV was so tasty?


7th Birthday:

Create a girl's favorite "pretty" cake by using pink icing and adding on pink gummy flowers, butterflies, ladybugs and more. Create a boy's favorite "tough guy" cake by adding brown chocolate icing on the cake, with crumbled Oreos for dirt, and gummy worms, spiders and ants!


8th Birthday:

Dive into the swimming pool cake! This can be for a boy or a girl. Make a cake; cut out the middle, place a cardboard fixture inside of it. Then add blue Jello for the water, and on the "water" place all kinds of gummy pool party candies like pool caddies, pool chairs, a few balls and more. On the outer part of the cake near the water, you can put smashed up hard green candies on white icing to make it look like grass. Add in a few more luau or pool themed items like mini paper umbrellas. On the outside of the cake make a faux wood construction out of Twix candy bars by "gluing" them to the cake via icing.

9th Birthday:

This cake is a slam-dunk for boys and girls alike! This cake is easy, but looks great. Just take a circular cake, preferably 1-3 layers high and ice with white icing. Then take both the orange and brown candies from Reese's Pieces and create a basketball.


10th Birthday:

It's always a great day for a Sundae! It sounds easy, but that's the great thing about kids; they love experimenting, creating things with their own hands, and making a mess. It's time for the kids to make their own creations! Find an assortment of gummies, candies, chocolates, ice creams, and as many sweet ingredients you can think of and place them in a row along a table. Purchase disposable plates, as this will get messy! Now let the 10 year old enjoy his or her fabulous Sundae buffet!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to preparing your child's birthday. Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you to create a sweet treat of your own!We would love to hear your delectable birthday ideas. Share your favorite birthday creations in the comments below!

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