5 DIY Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is one of those sacred and religious holidays where you might want to teach your kids about their religion or how certain things came to pass. But, Easter is also about having fun, wearing fancy clothes and of course, no matter how much parents don't like to admit it, candy. It always has been and always will be! Here are a few fun ways to spruce up your children's Easter Baskets.


Dainty Pastel Baskets

Dainty Pastel Baskets

Coffee Filter Easter Baskets from Urban Comfort

Cute, easy, and pretty colors - what more could you want from an Easter Basket? If you have a daughter or more than one and you want to create a few Easter Baskets for her class, this is a really fun and easy project.

You take a few shallow plastic dishes, some coffee filters that you dyed using food safe food coloring (make sure to dry them overnight), and place 4-6 layers of the filters in the plastic dishes.

Then you can take a few assorted candies like Jordan Almonds (pastel) or M&Ms (pastel) and place those in the middle. Wrap with cellophane and tie with a pastel ribbon.


Cute Carrots

Great idea for boys, the carrot is really cute and you can do it with your boys in a matter of minutes. You can also let them pick the candy they want to use as well. You use white non dyed cone coffee filters and dye them using food safe food coloring (orange), and mini white paper cupcake holders and dye them (green). Then you fold up the cone filters and fill them with candy and then hot glue the green paper cupcake holders onto the orange filters.


Terra Cotta Easter Baskets

Terra Cotta Easter Baskets

Terra Cotta Easter Baskets from Hostess with the Mostess

For something a little different, you can find mini terra cotta pots that you can decorate the lip with using scrapbook paper. Scrapbook paper tends to be a little thicker than construction paper and it comes in all sorts of colors and designs. You can then take green "grass" filler by cutting up fine strips of tissue paper and find some butterflies or fake flowers and place those on the pots with a hot glue gun. Fill the pots with whatever candy you want such as chocolate foiled kisses, Easter color M&Ms, Marshmallow Peeps or anything else that has a festive color to it.


Mason Jar Easter Basket

Mason Jar Easter Basket

Mason Jar Easter Basket from Dances with Wools

These are quite easy to make and they are a sweet and inexpensive little gift for everyone at your local church to give away. All you need is a mason jar, with lid, edible candy grass, and a few small candies like Jordan Almonds or chocolate kisses and of course a chocolate bunny with a bow tied around it. Then, on the neck of the mason jar you can place a ribbon around it and tie it up.


Strawberry or Blueberry Plastic Basket

Strawberry Basket

DIY Strawberry Carton Easter Basket from She Knows

Grab the basket your fruit came in, and recycle it! Simply take a few different ribbon colors and weave them in and out of the little squares on the basket. Then take a piece of wire that has tissue paper wrapped around it for the handle and hot glue gun it to the sides of the baskets. Then take grass filler, and add in some eggs, chocolate foiled eggs, and chocolate bunnies.

As you can see, Easter Baskets don't have to be expensive and better yet, they don't have to be boring in the same brown faux wood basket you have used every year since your kids were born. You can use almost any foundation to build new Easter baskets, and of course, new memories upon. You just need a little creativity and imagination, as well as some candy, a dash of love, and some cherished time with your little ones.

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