How to Impress your Sweetheart this Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day round the corner, you will be looking for that perfect gift to impress your sweetheart. Well, it can be a tough choice if you do not have a list to choose from. This is a special day - a day of expressing love - and a great way to proclaim your feelings is through a thoughtful gift. Here are ten tips to choose the right gift or doing something meaningful for your sweetheart that he or she will adore you even more.

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1. Swiss Chocolates

Somehow chocolates and love always go hand in hand. Perhaps this has something to do with chocolate being able to elevate mood and spirits. Forget those cute heart-shaped boxed filled with atrocious chocolate. Instead, go the Swiss way. In fact, Swiss chocolates are not that expensive and a few gourmet Swiss chocolates will suffice and you do not have to buy the whole chocolate shop!


2. His and Hers Spa Day

Many spas offer his and hers spa day during Valentine's spend time together getting a massage, skin care, or manicure and pedicure. It will be relaxing and you also will be able to do something special and unique for your sweetheart. Now, how is that for a dual bonus?


3. Name a Star after Your Sweetheart

Don't be skeptical. This is possible and it is an extremely romantic gesture. There are thousands of websites that allow you to name a star after your loved one. And, if you are in an overly romantic mood, you can name two stars that are positioned close to one another - one after your sweetheart and one after you! Romantic, isn't it? And, it will surely impress your loved one.


4. A Bottle of Chocolate Wine

Be a little different and go in for a chocolate wine rather than champagne or some other expensive wine. This is nothing but a wine infused with chocolate and sometimes cream. Some of the flavors to think about are chocolate red wine, chocolate strawberry, creme de cocoa and truffle merlot. If all these are too much to take in, just settle for the good old Bailey's Irish Cream!


5. Bake a Chocolate Cake with a Twist

If you are good in the kitchen, surprise your sweetheart with a chocolate cake. But this is no ordinary chocolate cake. Decorate the cake with whiskey-infused chocolate icing. Now, how is that for creating a good impression?


6. Romantic Dinner

Plan a candle lit dinner, but rather than going to a restaurant that will be filled with couples like you, opt to stay home. Cook the dinner at home and lay a table in the backyard. Decorate the trees and bushes with red balloons and hanging lanterns that can hold candles. Line the path leading to the table with red rose petals. Decorate the table with fragrant candles, glitter and paper hearts. With such a dinner setting and romantic music, even a meal of meatballs and spaghetti will feel romantic!


7. A CD of Love Songs

Every couple has certain special songs that hold meaning for them. This Valentine's Day, create a CD with all those love songs that mean something to your sweetheart and you. These songs could represent different stages in your relationship and therefore are special. It will bring tears to your sweetheart's eyes, but it will be one helluva gift!


8. Relationship Scrapbook

Create a relationship scrapbook with photographs and keepsakes that your sweetheart will treasure forever. Include letters or notes that you both penned down for each other, tickets to concerts or movie and keepsakes that two of you share. Decorate the scrapbook with glitter, ribbons and paper hearts. Watch your sweetheart reminisce about each and every time that is there. It will surely strengthen your relationship and add more romance to your life!


9. Bed & Breakfast-Getaway

Plan this without your sweetheart knowing. You will need assistance from family and friends for this. Book a Valentine's Day getaway at a bed & breakfast and ask the place to arrange a picnic hamper. Whisk your loved one away with him or her knowing. Of course, the family or friends would have snuck out the overnight travel bag. You can spend a day on a romantic picnic drinking wine and dining on sandwiches, candy, chocolates, cheese and other goodies in the hamper. You return to the bed & breakfast to have a romantic night. This is a wonderful surprise and can help rekindle your romance.


10. A Scavenger-style Gift Hunt

Hide a gift (this can be jewelry, lingerie, chocolates or electronic gadget) somewhere in the house or yard. Leave clues for your sweetheart to find the gift. Not only will it be fun, it also will be exciting. Try not to make it too tough, as this day is about celebrating love and not exhausting your love!

These are unique and wonderful way to impress your sweetheart this Valentine's. You will succeed. There is no doubt about it. Perhaps you would like to come back and share your story with everyone on this page a few days later. We welcome it!

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