14 Chocolate Brunch & Dessert Recipes for Valentine's Day

Chocolate Brunch Valentines Day

It's nearing Valentine's Day, which means store shelves are probably overflowing with heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. That's not the only way you can enjoy this melty, bittersweet, and seriously romantic treat though. We're showing the love for chocolate treats this February with our list of mouthwatering chocolate brunch and dessert recipes. If you want to try something that doesn't come in a box this Valentine's Day, give one of these treats a try!


Chocolate "Waffles In Bed"

Rose petals scattered on the bed is one way to get romantic. So is waking up your better half with these warm, chocolatey, and incredibly delicious chocolate waffles in bed! While they're still slumbering, tip toe down to the kitchen and whip up a batch of these amazing waffles. Add them to a platter with flowers, a cold glass of milk, and Valentine's Day card and you'll have one smitten significant other.

Chocolate Waffles


"Oh My Darling" Clementines

Bring your darling a sweet treat you made with love this Valentine's Day. These chocolate-dipped clementines are the perfect combination of sweet, tangy, fresh, and chocolatey. Put them in a box like a box of chocolates or arrange them artfully on a chocolate brunch platter. Whatever you do, your sweetie will love these thoughtful treats. Insider tip: get the clementines that are seedless! It makes for a much more pleasant eating experience.

Chocolate Dipped Clemetines


"For The Love Of Chocolate" Pots

Want to unleash the chocolate dessert of all chocolate desserts? Make these incredibly rich, decadent, and unforgettable chocolate pot de cremes. Essentially, they're the smoothest, most delicious chocolate mousse you've ever had-combined with a custard. Trust us on this one. If you and your loved one adore chocolate, you absolutely have to try these this Valentine's Day or whenever you're making dessert next.

Chocolate Pot De Creme


You "Truffle" My Feathers

Okay, so we won't leave out traditional chocolates entirely because you can't knock a classic. And because they're amazing. These truffles are something you can make at home and wow your loved one. They look complicated, but if you don't mind getting your hands dirty, you can do these yourself. Once they're all done, wrap them up in a box with a homemade card. It's always nice to get a gift from someone you know took the time to make it perfect for you. In short: it'll get you lots of kisses.

DIY Truffles


"Fond Of Flourless" Chocolate Cookies

By taking the flour out of the recipe, what you're left with is a dense, delicious, and super rich chocolate cake. Who could say no to that? Put this over the edge by drizzling homemade raspberry sauce on top or putting a few chocolate covered strawberries on the side of the plate. This pairs especially well with red wine and even Champagne too, so if you're setting the mood for a romantic Valentine's Day meal, this would be a great dessert to try.

Flourless Cookies


Chocolate "Shake It Up"

Cooling things down in your relationship isn't a bad thing at all when it has to do with these chocolate shakes. They're actually pretty good for you too! Loaded with cashews, cocoa powder, and chocolate chips, they're super refreshing and amazing. Don't wait for dinner to celebrate Valentine's Day. Wake your sweetie up with one of these tasty treats as soon as he or she opens their eyes.

Chocolate Shake

"Hot And Heavy" Chocolate

Turn up the heat this Valentine's Day. We mean in the kitchen. You can make these incredible broiled hot chocolates and bring them up to your darling in the morning or wait to enjoy them by the fire after dinner. These have some booze in them, but you can customize the recipe to include chocolate, raspberry, hazelnut, or vanilla liqueur. You can keep them virgin as well. They're sure to get you hot and bothered with their melty marshmallow topping and sinfully chocolate flavor.

Baileys Hot Chocolate Amandakbythebay.blogspot.com


"Perfect 10" Chocolate Poke Cake

This cake has practically every chocolate state imaginable. There's some mousse, there's some cake, there are some chocolate chips. It's utterly insane. If you think your honey is a perfect 10, make them this poke cake for Valentine's Day to satisfy their sweet tooth and chocolate craving. You can make it any other time of the year too if you just have fanatical chocolate lovers living in your home.

Chocolate Cake


"Cast Iron A Spell On You" Brownies

Ever had a cookie skillet? Then you probably know it's full of half-baked cookie with a melty, gooey inside and crispy outside. Can you image what the brownie version of that tastes like? You don't have to! You can try it for yourself with this incredible cast iron brownie recipe. Heat up the oven, mix your brownies, and let the pan do the work. Serve it hot with a scoop of ice cream and drizzle of hot fudge, caramel, or raspberry sauce.

Nutella Brownie Skillet


"Cheesy Is Good" Chocolate Cheesecake

Cheesy gifts are always something that make people smile on Valentine's Day. This chocolate cheesecake is one that is cheesy, but in a totally different way. With dense cake, chocolate shavings, and light and tart raspberries, it's the ultimate chocolate lovers' fantasy. Serve this with an ice cold glass of milk or make it more romantic by opening a bottle of nice red wine.

Chocolate Cheesecake


Donut "Hole Lotta Love"

Donut and chocolate enthusiasts will love, love, love this recipe. These tasty little donut holes are easy to make and can be served for a chocolate brunch or dessert. So depending on whether you're surprising your sweetie with a trip, jewelry, or flowers on the 14th, you can start or end the day with these incredible little bites of chocolate bliss.

Donut Holes


"Precious" Pretzels

These aren't just chocolate covered pretzels. They're sandwiched with incredible coconut and caramel in between. Yum! With a sprinkle of sea salt on top, they're truly the perfect mix of salty and sweet-just like you and your sweetheart. These freeze well and can be made a couple days in advance, so get your kitchen ready for an explosion of chocolate and get to making these amazing chocolate treats.

Stuffed Pretzels


"Hubba Hubba" Cupcakes

Does your heart skip a beat when you see something chocolatey on a dessert menu? See what happens when you pull a couple dozen of these chocolate dreams out of the oven. You might go weak in the knees! Cupcakes really are one of the best treats because they're small and can be enjoyed one at a time or with more gusto. They also look very cute when wrapped up in a box. So instead of getting your loved one something they can wear this Valentine's Day, make them a batch of these cupcakes so they can enjoy unmeasurable chocolate pleasure.

Chocolate Cupcakes


"I Melt With You" Grilled Chocolate Brunch Sandwich

Grilled cheese is something most people gobble up and love. Grilled chocolate? That's a whole new level of yum! This recipe is both buttery, salty, cheesy, and chocolatey. It really hits it out of the park. As it stands, this recipe is also vegan, but you can easily customize it to fit your diet by swapping in real butter and going with a milk chocolate. Make a nice romantic lunch for your loved one this February by serving this grilled chocolate with some chocolate fondue for dipping! Just make sure you leave time for a brief food coma after. You're gonna need it.

Chocolate Grilled Cheese

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