12 Cozy Winter Cocktails & Mocktails to Keep You Warm and Buzzy

Winter mocktails & cocktails to keep you warm and buzzy

One way to keep yourself warm this winter is with a bar-full of delicious drinks. These recipes are also a great way to get your friends and family out of a winter rut and to come over for some much needed socialization. Check out the tastiest winter cocktails - and mocktails for kids (no alcohol) - for a season full of yum.


These bartenders will take you through how to make the perfect alcoholic cocktails for yourself and guests.


Apple Winter Hot Toddy

Hot Toddies have been around for years and years. And it's no wonder why with their gullet warming abilities. Starting as a traditional mulled cider, these hot cocktails add a dash of bourbon to the mix (you can use rum too) to deepen the flavor and make them one casual and cozy drink of choice. Watch the video to learn how to make your very own apple Hot Toddy.


Cuban Toffee Posset

This sounds fancy, but it's similar to eggnog. Plus, it's served hot. If you're going to host a dessert potluck, surprise your guests with this drinkable sweet. It'll warm you right up from the first sip. Get out your winter mugs, favorite rum, and creative garnishes - like butter rum candy sticks - for this tasty treat.


Russian Winter Cocktail

We're not sure whether this Russian drink was created in honor of the country's signature vodka or to combat the fierce cold of their winters, but we're glad it exists regardless! With Irish coffee flavors, it's surprisingly served cold. However, you could easily sub in fresh brewed coffee for the Cafe PatrÌ_n and serve it hot in mugs instead of martini glasses. Enhance the flavor even more by pairing these Russian Winter Cocktails with biscotti, chocolate stirring sticks, or caramels



Cocktail Trio

This video has three cocktails: The Blizzard, The Cranberry Crush, and Winter Solstice. While the first takes a spin on a classic Irish coffee, the other two incorporate the citrus flavors of the winter season. From coffee to cranberry to orange and more, you'll have a ton of deliciousness to whip up with this tasty trio.


Hot Buttered Rum

Hot buttered rum is a rich, warm, and satisfying cocktail that's a holiday and cold season favorite. Since most things are better homemade, we've found a tried and true recipe for you to test out at home. If you're having a winter dinner party and would like to serve a different after dinner drink, this recipe is the perfect idea.


A New Fashioned Old Fashioned

Named, "The Sally Draper," you Mad Men fans will quickly understand and appreciate why. For those less familiar with the show, this cocktail is inspired from the classic Old Fashioned (a drink of whiskey, sugar, and bitters). With muddled citrus and cherries, this version is a bit sweeter and takes the edge off the formerly dubbed, "Manliest cocktail."



If you're hosting a party with kids or just prefer drinks without the alcohol, we have a lineup of incredible winter mocktails for you. Find out how to make an array of inventive non alcoholic drinks below.


Mocktail Trio

Whether you have a hankering for something sweet or spicy, these three drink recipes will satisfy every craving. Serve these fresh mocktails in fancy barware at your next party to elevate the look and give designated drivers and those who prefer drinks sans the alcohol something special to sip on.


Virgin Martinis

Embrace some of the most delicious winter flavors in these drink recipes. From pineapple to fresh ginger to honey and more, you'll be able to enjoy the best part of winter and leave out the bad. This bartender used martini glasses for his drinks, but rocks glasses with thyme and rosemary sprig garnishes would look just as beautiful.


Hot Mulled Cider

Hot mulled cider is the ultimate fall and winter drink to warm up bellies and bodies. Plus, with cinnamon, anise, nutmeg, and other amazing smelling spices brewing on the stove, your home will feel warmer from the aroma as well. Leave a pot on the stove with the burner on low for guests to help themselves to during the course of your get-together.


Homemade Eggnog

Eggnog doesn't have to fall by the wayside as soon as the holidays are over! Make your very own batch for a rich, wintery flavor that will accent your next party. Eggnog is relatively easy to make and you can even add flavors like peppermint, caramel, almond, and more to amp up the yummy factor.


Virgin Winter Sangria

Sangria looks so beautiful in glass pitchers. Now, it doesn't have to just be for the wine drinkers either! This fruity virgin sangria is lovely and alcohol free, so it's more like a traditional punch instead of a wine cooler. Use all the flavors you normally would with sangria-like orange, cranberry, apple, and more. Just sub white or red grape juice for the wine and you'll be in business.


Berry Spritzer

Spritzers are typically a mix of seltzer and wine. In this version, it's seltzer and fruit juice. While Martha uses pomegranate, you could always puree cranberries for a tarter version. A twist of orange peel would also put this virgin cocktail over the top too!

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