12 DIY Video Valentine Tutorials - Put a Personal Touch on Your Valentines

DIY Valentine Video Tutorials - Give em a good one!

Valentine's Day is all about showing the ones you love how much you care. If you opt for a traditional store-bought Valentine's Day card, you're missing an opportunity to put a personal touch on it. Watch some of these video tutorials for great ideas and how-to's to make a professional grade diy valentine for your Valentine on Valentine's Day. :)


"I Love You A Latte" Coffee Cups

For a lot of people, caffeine is the way to their hearts. Why not make your Valentine's card to them coffee-themed? You can stuff a cup with candy or coffee beans and dole them out to friends and family. This video will show you how to do it and you can look forward to even more tips like chocolate arrow cards, cupcakes, and more. We just really love the first idea because it's something you can use for all of your office friends and family if you're more into adult Valentine's Day treats.

Pop-Up Valentine

Pop-up books are so cool and we love that someone took that idea and turned it into a 3D Valentine's Day card. You can customize the message to whatever you want, but remember that the more letters you add, the more cutting and taping you'll have to do. It can get a little tricky, but it's the thought that counts, right? Check it out on this video and wow your Valentines this season.

Origami Valentine

We love how this combines an artful craft that's centuries old and something love-themed: secret messages! If you have something to say to someone that you want to keep private or you're just too shy to say it out loud, this is the perfect Valentine's card to try. Get a peek at how to do it yourself in this video.

Lollipop Bouquet

Sweets are a staple of Valentine's Day. From chocolate to heart-shaped candies to lollipops, everyone loves to be reminded that you're "sweet" on them. This lollipop bouquet is pretty easy to do on your own. The video also shows you how to make an edible and sweet memory box and pink heart bath bombs too. Whatever you decide to make, you'll feel warm and fuzzy inside after you watch this cute video.

Hearts-A-Flutter Card

Some Valentines' cards are silly, others are mushy. This one is super chic and unique! We love how it's more 3D than other cards and will make the person you give it to smile since they'll know you made it yourself-with love of course. These might not be the best to try to make in bulk since they take a little longer, but for a sweetheart or two, they're perfect.

Nuts About You Card

This is so stinking cute, we can't get enough of it. Crack open some peanuts and save the shells. You can glue them onto Valentine's Day cards and paint little faces on them so they look like they're kissing! Personalize each peanut to look like you and your loved one and then give them the card on February 14th. They're sure to smile and feel the love immediately. There are a couple of other cute designs to watch for here too if you're looking for extra ideas this February.

Scratch-Off Card

Scratch-offs are usually reserved for lottery tickets, but here, it's your lucky day! Learn how to make this scratch-off Valentine's Day card to wow your family and friends with your creativity and secret loving message underneath. It's a pretty cool way to do a traditional Valentine's Day card in a totally new approach.

Love Is Alive Card

This little heart man is so cute and will add some movement to your card. It really just takes some careful cutting, glueing, and decorating and you'll have a romantic gesture that won't be forgotten. You can make this heart a lady or a man and change up the colors depending on what you love most. This one would be a great Valentine to replicate for an entire class because you can cut all the hearts out at once and then make an assembly line with your kids to glue them all together.

Cupcake Card

Give your sweetheart a card that's just as sweet as they are. This cupcake card is super cute for Valentine's Day, but it could also be used for a birthday or any other special occasion. Find out how to make it here and make sure you spread the love this February when you give it out to the people you adore.

Pop-Up Heart Card

We didn't get our fix with our first pop-up card tutorial, so we wanted to include another cute idea. This heart pop-up is way easier and equally as adorable. The last one would take a long time to duplicate, but you could easily make a huge batch of these cards to give out to co-workers or classmates. Just make sure you get some cute construction paper or even use up scrapbook or wrapping paper for this cute card.

Pipe Cleaner Cards

All of the other cards are cute, but they don't have a soft feel. This pipe cleaner card will give your Valentine a double dose of sweet with its softness and charm. Use glue-on rhinestones to write the initial of your loved one or even puff paint. It all depends on your style and what you love most. We just know that you can't go wrong with this romantic card craft.

Queen Of Hearts Cards

Have a deck of cards that's missing a few clubs or spades? Use them for this DIY Valentine card project! If you're already planning on doing some of the pipe cleaner crafts above, you can use the leftovers to make arms for these little men of hearts. Then, all you'll need is fun googly eyes, some cut-out hearts, and glue to make this happen.

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