The 14 Sweetest DIY Valentine's Day Decorations

Sweetest DIY Valentines Day Decor

Can you feel Cupid's arrow drawing near? That's right, Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we have some of the most romantic and beautiful decorations to help celebrate. Listen to your heart this Valentine's Day and make some of these cute decorations!


Countdown To Kisses Calendar

Love should be something we spread throughout the year, but Valentine's Day is the mecca of fuzzy feelings and showing people you care. Whether you want to have this be the star of the show on your mantel or bring it into the office to make your desk extra sweet, you can make this countdown to Valentine's Day advent calendar to get excited for the big day. It's something fun to make with kids or family too. You can even swap these numbers for other wrapped candies or chocolates.

Countdown Valentine's Day Poster

Heart Arrangement

If you have some evergreen decorations in your home like festive twigs or dried flowers, you can easily tweak them to be more thematic for Valentine's Day. This particular decoration uses cutout hearts and tape to dress up a pitcher with pretty twigs. Choose any color you like so it matches your home or follow suit and try this beautiful design too.

DIY Heart Arrangement

Heart Wreaths

Hang these on a door and everyone outside will know you have a loving home. Using dried or faux flowers and either a pre-made heart shaped wreath or coat hanger, you can make one of these for yourself. Just gather some wire, glue, tape, faux flowers, and maybe even some ribbon to make it extra pretty. These wreaths would also look beautiful if put in a gift basket for someone you love since they can hang all year in a bathroom or on a door.

Heart Wreaths

Loving Mason Jars

Mason jars are the crafter's go-to customizable item. They can be candle holders, votive holders, vases, and now, pretty Valentine's Day jars. Gather your mason jars and paint. Then, get busy stenciling or hand-painting on hearts. The flowers really put these romantic jars over the top, but you could fill them with candy or presents too. Give some away to friends and loved ones or even use them in your windows with a tea light candle for a little luminary of love.

DIY Mason Jars Valentines Day



Hugs and kisses come standard on Valentine's Day. Make your very own to remind yourself of the lovey dovey mood when you use this tutorial. They used cotton puffs, but you can use whatever you'd like-rustic acorns, sweet heart candy, or practically anything else. Hang this on a door in your home or on the mailbox to spread the love this February.

Valentine's Wreath


Romantic Mantel

The mantel is one of the best focal points to decorate in your home. After all the holiday stuff is put away, bring it back to life with an idea like this! While this particular link doesn't show you how to complete the look, use this as inspiration for your own style. Pick up some pom poms from the party store and cut out a craft paper heart to stick to your mirror. Just follow your heart and we're sure you'll know what to do! You can even use the flower heart wreath tutorial above to make one for your mantel.

Valentine's Mantel


Heart Pallet

Pallets are another thing that designers and craft enthusiasts love to morph into a number of beautiful creations. We particularly love this heart design because it brings out the Valentine's Day mood, is easy to do, and can be used year-round. With some glitter, salvaged pallet, Mod Podge, and nails, you'll be in business. Once you're done, put it on your mantel to make it fancy, hang it on a wall, or put it in a bedroom to spice up your Valentine's Day with the one you love.

Heart DIY


Love-ly Garland

Garland is the perfect, non-permanent way to add charm and festivity to a space for a day or a couple weeks. This one is particularly cute and you could customize it to say anything you want. Try "Happy Valentine's Day" or branch out to "I Love You," "You're My Sweetheart," or even "Smitten As A Kitten." You could make one and put it above the dining room table if you're surprising your sweetie with dinner at home or put it in the office for a beautiful piece of flare.

Valentine's Day Garland


Heart Chalk Board

This is another awesome pallet project that is so different than the first! With chalk paint, a heart shaped design, and some creativity, you can make your very own Valentine's Day chalkboard. Once Valentine's Day is over, you can even move this into a baby's nursery to remind your own kids that they're loved or keep it on display on a wall in your living room. You can always change up the color on this, so maybe start a tradition of painting it for the season and watch it morph throughout the year!

Chalk Paint Heart

Stained Glass Hearts

These beautiful, translucent hearts are actually made of melted crayons! Man, that Martha Stewart knows what's up. Illuminated by the bright daylight when put in a window or hung from a chandelier, these little hearts beat with a bright, loving energy you'll fall in love with. Get your kids to help you with this on a rainy day or get busy making them yourself. It's a great way to use up broken crayons and pass the time before Valentine's Day.


Cupid's Arrows

That little cherub has a lot of love inside of him. Spread it around you when you make some of his arrows! You can transform pens and pencils with some string, heart-shaped cutouts, and feathers, or make these from sticks you find in the back yard or wooden dowels. They look pretty grouped in a jar like this or can be added to Valentine's Day cards and gift baskets for the ones you love most.

Cupid's Arrows DIY


Heart Curtain

We showed you a garland, but we couldn't pass up this beautiful heart curtain. It looks so pretty the way they have it draped over the bed, but if you're having a party, you can use this in the entryway to a door too so everyone can smile when they walk through it. Mix and match colors as you see fit, or go for the rainbow of hues you see here.

Heart garland


Love Birds

These little birdies are so darn cute. It's like a snow-less snow globe for the month of February. Grab a glass or mason jar, piece of whimsical fabric, ribbon, and two little bird figurines from the dollar store or somewhere artsier like Etsy. Once you're done assembling this, you can set it out as a centerpiece, sell them at a craft booth, or keep them to yourself to put on your mantel. You'll love taking them out year-after-year when the loving season of February rolls around.

Love Birds


Heart Ribbons

People are so creative. We just love these cupcake paper Valentine's Day ribbons. You could also make these into magnets for the fridge or give them out as Valentine's Day cards. The choice should be up to you. All you'll need are some brightly colored cupcake or muffin papers, glue, glitter, construction paper, and you'll be good to go.

Valentine's Day Ribbons

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