Cinnamon Mentos Rolls - 15ct

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Cinnamon Mentos Rolls - 15ct
Cinnamon flavored mentos
Rolls, 15 count

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Rolls, 15 count

These Cinnamon Mentos Rolls are hot, spicy, sweet, and chewy—making them absolutely hard to resist and delicious! In individually wrapped packages of 14 chew candies, you can decide how much heat you're in the mood for whenever you reach for a snack.

Order some Cinnamon Mentos Rolls if you're a fan of chewy, spicy, and yummy candy. In this bulk supply, you'll have enough to make your own sweet tooth wave the white flag and share with friends and family. Use some of these Cinnamon Mentos Rolls in piñatas, gift baskets, goodie bags, or whatever you see fit!


Forever taste
A Christmas gift, where I live they don't sell the Cinnamon ones.

The candy is always fresh; they are chewy; & the cinnamon flavor lasts a long time in your mouth.
Review by Pamela (December 2, 2016)

WOW Flavor
My Mother got me started on these, they are chewy & have a wow flavor to them. You can still taste the cinnamon long after you've chewed the candy up. But most stores don't carry the cinnamon flavor, but you can find the Peppermint flavor in an abundance. So when I do find the cinnamon ones, I buy up several just to have on hand. My sister recently visited a well known famous candy store in Austin TX. They had ever candy you could ever imagine having as a child but not cinnamon Mentos. That was a very disappointing to her, so I'll share my find with her & probably buy more in the near future.
Review by Pamela V. (November 19, 2016)

Awesome Mentos
I just love these cinnamon Mentos. Candy Direct had a great price and fast delivery!
Review by Susan P (April 20, 2016)

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