Wrapped Candy Necklaces - 100ct

candy necklaces
  • $52.99

Old-fashioned candy necklaces have long been a favorite treat for kids of all ages. These Wrapped Candy Necklaces are great because they're protected from damage by being delivered individually wrapped, and they make a wonderful favor for kids' events and activities such as birthday parties, school events, holiday parties, and other youthful gatherings.The adorable necklaces feature small pastel colored candies strewn along a piece of string, so kids can wear them as jewelry and enjoy eating them at the same time. These sturdy candy necklaces are jumbo size so there's plenty of candy on each one, and the lovely multi colored pastels make them a beautiful addition to any party decor. You can offer them as favors to party-goers or have a few big bowls of them sitting on the buffet table so guests can grab a few during or after the party. These beloved candy necklaces will be a huge hit at your upcoming event.

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