Mega Smarties Rolls - 24ct

  • $45.99

If you are a fan of classic candy that never goes out of style then there is a good chance you have indulged in your fair share of Smarties.Well, if you are hooked on these tart and sweet flavors, then you are sure to get really excited over these Mega Smarties. They are the same delicious wafer candies that have been around since 1949, but these ones are supersized.They are even bigger than the Giant Smarties! Each one of these Mega Smarties measures 1 inch in diameter. The rolls feature assorted flavors, including Orange Cream (white), Pineapple (yellow), Cherry (pink), Strawberry (green), Grape (purple), and Orange (orange).These individually packaged rolls of Mega Smarties are perfect to hand out at birthday parties, gatherings with friends, and Halloween. They are fat-free, so you don't even have to feel guilty every time you snack on them.

SKU: ND-11762

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