12 Magical Ideas for a Winter Party

Magical Winter Party ideas

Stave off the winter blues by throwing a magical wintertime party this season. We have a ton of ideas from cocktails to activities to delicious dinner party menus to make winter a blast. Indoor snowball fights anyone? All you have to do is get your friends to bundle up, venture out of the house, and partake in all the fun with you!

Adult Hot Chocolate Bar

Hot chocolate can be so much more than something you pour out of a packet. This adult hot chocolate bar for instance is a taste bud showstopper! If you're having guests, whip up some homemade hot chocolate, then set out coffee, orange, cinnamon, and vanilla flavored liqueurs and all the fixings to make one unforgettable cup of cocoa.

Adult hot chocolate bar


Backyard Luge

When you're a kid, you make snowmen and crude snow forts. When you're an adult and you're more dexterous, you can make an amazing backyard ice luge like this one! Think about how much fun it would be to have one of these courses all winter (if you live in a snowy region). Get your friends to come over to make it on a day when it snows a ton and then invite them to play whenever you have a free day.

Backyard luge Popularmechanics.com

Snow Cone Cocktails

Use the fresh fallen snow outside (or ice!) to make your own snow cone cocktails. Get fancy by making your own simple syrups or use the store-bought kinds. Paired with fruity vodkas and tequilas, you can make a snow day super fun! The best part about these snow cones is that you can also make them virgin too by leaving out the booze-so they're also a kid-friendly option.

Snowcone cocktails


French Onion Soup

Soup is undoubtedly one of winter's greatest comforts. Soup that's covered in bread and cheese is also something most people love. With just a few ingredients like beef broth, onions, bread, and cheese, this onion soup is quick and easy to prepare ahead of time. Make this elegant and flavorful soup for your guests to enjoy with a fresh winter salad and crusty bread.

French onion soup


DIY Ice Buckets

Your freezer and fridge don't have to do all the work this winter. Use the outdoor temperatures to make your very own ice buckets for wine, beer, and Champagne. Mix in pine sprigs, cranberries, and other wintery items to make your own ice buckets for winter parties.

DIY ice buckets


DIY Ice Rink

Much like the ice luge we featured above, you can make your backyard ice rink as soon as temperatures drop! While it does take some time to set up, you'll be happy once it's done because of all the ice hockey, ice skating, and curling you can do with your friends! Even bring your own sleds for a slippery run over this rink if you're sick of games by the end of winter.

DIY ice rink


Snow Ice Cream

Ever heard of snow ice cream? Well, now's your season to try it! While it seems like it would just melt, the snow forms an interesting, grittier texture when combined with milk, sugar, and flavoring. Trust us, this is a good thing! Next time it snows, gather up some fresh powder in buckets and bring it into the kitchen to try. Top it off with your favorite candy and hit the yummyness slopes full speed.

Snow ice cream


Hearty Beef Ragu Over Polenta

Bake something delicious and all of your friends will want to come over for a movie night. That's because this recipe is rich, meaty, hot, and comforting. If you're making the main dish, have your friends bring the red wine or dessert. Or, have a full-on potluck to warm up everyones' kitchens.

Beer Ragu RecipePinchofyum.com

Igloo Lounge Pit

Eskimos lived in igloos because they were surprisingly warm. Take a hint from their tried and true infrastructure by making your very own snow fire pit this winter. The walls will block the wind and the heat of the fire will circulate inside. Plus, it'll bring back memories of building forts when you were a kid, so all of your guests will appreciate the nostalgia.

Snow fire pit


Pomegranate Champagne Punch

Pomegranate is a superfood of the winter months, so you can find it in practically any grocery store. Pur̩ed and combined with Champagne, this tart, colorful, and tasty fruit cocktail can work for brunch or dinner parties. Make a big pitcher and serve like a punch or be a bartender and make them as guests need refreshments.

Pomegranate Champagne punch Marthastewart.com

Indoor Snowball Fight

Don't catch a chill outdoors. Bring the fun inside with these snowball-like beanbags! If you can sew, you can make these fun little faux snowballs. Set up boundaries in your home, have people hide, make home bases, and then let the hilarity ensue. Just remember to put away the breakables before you play!

Indoor snowball fight


S'mores Dip

S'mores aren't known for their neatness. They're also not known for seeing beyond the end of summer. However, with this cast iron s'mores dip, you can bring warmer weather foods indoors for your guests to enjoy. Plus, you won't have to assemble anything messy, so you can enjoy cleaner eating.

S'mores dip

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