Winter Whites: 12 Tips To Have A Beautiful Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding Decor & Recipes

Winter is a nice time for a white wedding! Echo the falling snow, bare tree branches, and cool color palette with these top winter wedding ideas-from decor to desserts.


White Candy Display

We just love function and fashion when they come together. And this white candy display is just that. Whether you love this idea for a serve-yourself dessert bar or a wedding favor stand, you can fill glass jars full of different white candies and sweets to achieve this look. Shop for white candies to get started.

White candy display


White Cupcakes

Wedding cakes are great, but cupcake towers are all the rage these days for weddings. For those on a budget or brides and grooms who just want to take something different to their wedding baker, these white cupcakes are a sophisticated, tasty, and gorgeous dessert alternative. Whatever you do, once you stack these white cupcakes on a metallic or glass cupcake stand, you'll have a beautiful and delicious focal point.

White cupcake


White Snowflake Vases

Now this doesn't come with a tutorial, but with some chalk markers and plain glass bottles, you can make your own snowflake vases. Get a stencil if you're worried about going freehand or use your artistic ability to draw away. Once you're done, you can use these as candle holders if the opening is wide enough or vases for your floral arrangements.

White painted vases


Altar Lanterns

Light your way down the aisle with these white as snow lanterns. Using doilies and wax coated white bags, these illuminaries will provide the warm light you're looking for on your big day. You can even use some of these bags as table centerpieces or outside for guests to see the moment they arrive.

Doily lanterns


White Raspberry Cake

White on the outside and chalk full of flavor on the inside, this white raspberry cake recipe is more than worthy of being your chosen dessert. With coconut, whipped cream or butter cream frosting, and pureed raspberries in the middle, it's both elegant to look at and to eat. Plus, you could easily make it yourself the day before your wedding to save on a traditional wedding cake!

White Raspberry Cake


White Pinecone Decorations

If you live by a forest or craft store, then you'll be able to make these white painted pinecones easily and cheaply! This craft really is as simple as gathering pinecones, dipping them in white paint, and letting them dry. You can scatter them on the tables or bunch them in glass vases. Even do a mixture of both for a glamorous yet rustic look.

Painted pinecones


White Martini

Sometimes brides and grooms feature signature "his and hers" drinks. If you love this idea, make your signature cocktail something that's incredibly tasty while matching your white hues. This particular cocktail uses vanilla vodka, but you could use coconut, white chocolate, or peppermint flavors so long as it has a white base. It's something your guests are sure to love-especially with the crystal-like, sugar-dipped rim!

White martini


White Wedding Favors

Still stewing on what to give out as wedding favors at your big event? How about some white macarons? You can purchase these from practically any bakery or use this recipe to make them yourself! Tied up in cellophane and ribbon and delicately placed at each guest's place setting, it'll be something they can munch on right then or when they get hungry at the end of the night.

White macarons


White Hot Chocolate

This dessert is white hot. That's because it's actually white hot chocolate that tastes so rich and decadent and looks amazing too. Thinking of having a novelty buffet bar? Make a white hot chocolate buffet by setting out white chocolate shavings, marshmallows, shredded coconut, and more light colored treats for your guests to sprinkle on top. You can even do the assembly for your guests and pass these out in individual glasses for dessert. We would definitely make it prettier by adding a white garnish to the glass too!

White Hot Chocolate


White Wine Spritzer

Another cocktail you can feature at your wedding is this white wine spritzer! With lime, pomegranate, white wine, and some non alcoholic bubbly, it's truly a beautiful cocktail. Since there is red and green in this recipe, you can even save it for next year's Christmas!

White wine spritzer


White Dessert Bites

If you do go with a white hot chocolate bar at your wedding, up the ante on the marshmallows by putting them on sticks! It's super simple to do and you'll only need to make a thin sugar glaze to help the sprinkles stick. If you aren't having a hot chocolate bar, you could still use this idea if you pair these marshmallows with hot chocolate mix and give them away as wedding favors.

White marshmallows


White Painted Branches

If flowers are too expensive or you want something different, you need only look to your backyard for fallen twigs and small branches. With a coat of white or silver spray paint, they take on a modern, fresh, and gorgeous look. Use a bunch of these painted branches for your altar or set them out in vases on tables for fun texture. They look great with silver candy accents too.

White painted branches

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