The 14 Sweetest DIY Valentine's Day Decorations

Can you feel Cupid's arrow drawing near? That's right, Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we have some of the most romantic and beautiful decorations to help celebrate. Listen to your heart this Valentine's Day and make some of these cute decorations!   Countdown To Kisses Calendar Love should be something we spread throughout the year, but Valentine's Day is the mecca of fuzzy feelings and showing people you care. Whether you want to have this be the star of the show on your mantel or bring it into the office to make your desk extra sweet, you...

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12 Magical Ideas for a Winter Party

Stave off the winter blues by throwing a magical wintertime party this season. We have a ton of ideas from cocktails to activities to delicious dinner party menus to make winter a blast. Indoor snowball fights anyone? All you have to do is get your friends to bundle up, venture out of the house, and partake in all the fun with you! Adult Hot Chocolate Bar Hot chocolate can be so much more than something you pour out of a packet. This adult hot chocolate bar for instance is a taste bud showstopper! If you're having guests, whip up some...

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Winter Whites: 12 Tips To Have A Beautiful Winter Wedding

Winter is a nice time for a white wedding! Echo the falling snow, bare tree branches, and cool color palette with these top winter wedding ideas-from decor to desserts.   White Candy Display We just love function and fashion when they come together. And this white candy display is just that. Whether you love this idea for a serve-yourself dessert bar or a wedding favor stand, you can fill glass jars full of different white candies and sweets to achieve this look. Shop for white candies to get started.   White Cupcakes Wedding cakes are great, but cupcake towers...

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12 Cozy Winter Cocktails & Mocktails to Keep You Warm and Buzzy

One way to keep yourself warm this winter is with a bar-full of delicious drinks. These recipes are also a great way to get your friends and family out of a winter rut and to come over for some much needed socialization. Check out the tastiest winter cocktails - and mocktails for kids (no alcohol) - for a season full of yum. Cocktails These bartenders will take you through how to make the perfect alcoholic cocktails for yourself and guests.   Apple Winter Hot Toddy Hot Toddies have been around for years and years. And it's no wonder why with...

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14 Chocolate Brunch & Dessert Recipes for Valentine's Day

It's nearing Valentine's Day, which means store shelves are probably overflowing with heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. That's not the only way you can enjoy this melty, bittersweet, and seriously romantic treat though. We're showing the love for chocolate treats this February with our list of mouthwatering chocolate brunch and dessert recipes. If you want to try something that doesn't come in a box this Valentine's Day, give one of these treats a try!   Chocolate "Waffles In Bed" Rose petals scattered on the bed is one way to get romantic. So is waking up your better half with these warm,...

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